In Vain (World Premier)

Woman sitting on a stage behind a body laying on the floor with a group of onlookers behind them


Book by Christina Pippa, Music and Lyrics by Sharon Kenny

  • Produced by the Missouri State Department of Theatre and Dance / Coger Theatre
  • Directed by Karen Sabo and Robert Westenberg
  • Scenic Design: Michelle Harvey
  • Projection Design: Digital Media for Entertainment Design Class (Jake Vollmar, Grace Aumiller, Zellie Laury, Denise Chambers, Codi Filipek, Alexis Hernandez, Robyn Gill, Sam Haley, and Michelle Harvey)
  • Props Design: Madison Haynes
  • Costume Design: Garner
  • Hair and Makeup Design: Jacob Kimrey
  • Lighting Design: Mike Foster
  • Sound Design: Grace Aumiller
  • Technical Director: Aaron Mayer
  • Stage Manager: Kinzey Sapp
  • Musical Direction: Sharon Kenny
  • Choreography: Josie Carol Anderson
  • Cast: Elizabeth Bunker, Kalei Fogg, Henry Lange, Adora Lorae Snead, Madelynn Ayen, Giovanni Valforte, Jillian Lazzuri, Travis Barton, Camille Jett, Sydney Blackburn, Amelie Chaquat, Melody DeMerchant, Ana Garcia, Jayna Glynn, Raleigh Jonas, Dominique Lowe, Peyton Nicholson, Emilia Ordonez, Camryn Parnitke, Ryan Sohrab, Warren Swedberg, Evan Holt
  • Above photo by Jesse Scheve: MSU Photo Services