The Secret Garden

by Marsha Norman/Lucy Simon

Produced by the Missouri State Department of Theatre and Dance / Sept. 2020 & Tent Theatre June 2021 (Command performance streamed online)

  • Directed by Robert Westenberg
  • Music Direction: Heather Chittenden Luellen
    • Scenic Design: Michelle Harvey
  • Lighting Design: Michael Foster & Lillian Hilmes
  • Costume Design: Abbie Jones
  • Props Design: Cole Trumble
  • Sound Design: Levi Manners
  • Sound Engineer: Avery Brown
  • Technical Director: Chris DePriest
  • Choreographer: Azaria Rianne Hogans
  • Assistant Director: Zipporah Peddle
  • Assistant Scenic Designers: Riley Lathrom and Elona Ratcliff
  • Scenic Studio & Props Supervisor: Anna B Hunt
  • Costume Studio Supervisors: Cynthia Winstead, Samantha Morrow, & Melinda Robinson
  • Conductor: Christopher Kelts
  • Stage Management: Libby Casey, Taryn Huffman, Isabelle Zurcher